The objective of starting the pre-vocational class was to help learners who do not benefit much in the normal curriculum to be self- reliant. first it started by training those learners with learning difficulties plus visual impairments but have extended to those others in the main school.


  • Basic English/ Kiswahili
  • Basic Mathematics

Pre-vocational subjects
  • Tailoring
  • Hair Dressing
  • Laundry
  • Needle work
  • Bead work
  • Creative Arts
  • music
  • Home care
  • self care
  • knitting work

Learners must be of school going age who do not perform in normal curriculum, who must be either Visual impairment, mild and mental returdation, or servere learning difficulties or any other category who to the opinion of the managers cannot benefit from  the normal curriculum.

List of teachers

1.       Onyango  Sabina-Headteacher

2.       Buluma Esther-D/Headteacher

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Resourse centre


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